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Baylor University Libraries Digital Collections

About Our Curated Collections

The Curated Collections represent virtual, focused collections of materials drawn from two or more holding institutions, as well as temporary digital exhibits. They may also contain the entirety of a small, unique collection that would not be large enough to stand on its own but has great research value.

The holding institution for materials found in the Curated Collections is indicated in the metadata for each item under the "Custodian" field.

The Curated Collections

Architecture Collection

This collection features architectural elevation schematics, renderings, sketches and speculative designs of buildings from the Baylor University campus and Waco, Texas. Materials in this collection represent elevation and cross-section diagrams only; mechanical and structural schematics are not included except in cases where the building is no longer extant, such as the original structure of S.P. Brooks Hall on the Baylor campus.

The Baylor University Libraries Athletics Archive (BULAA)

The Baylor University Libraries Athletics Archive contains material related to our proud sports history. Items are drawn from private donors, the libraries of former coaches, institutional partners, and the archival holdings of the university, most notably The Texas Collection.

Currently, the Archive focuses on Baylor Football, with a special emphasis on the 1980 Southwest Conference championship team. As the Archive grows, it will include materials from all Baylor sports and all eras, dating back to the earliest days of the University.

Historic Newspapers

This collection contains historic newspapers drawn from holding institutions at Baylor University. Many were donated to the university's special collections as part of larger gifts and are too few in number to support creating an entire digital collection. This curated collection allows us to provide access to these resources without creating numerous smaller collections; therefore, the titles, eras and regions represented vary greatly from item to item.

JFK Assassination Analysis Collections

John Armstrong Collection

For ten years, John Armstrong conducted research for his book Harvey & Lee [Arlington, Tex. : Quasar, c2003]. His travels took him all over the country and to several foreign countries gathering materials and conducting interviews. His research resulted in 100,000+pages of documents, dozens of reels of microfilm, many books and hundreds of photographs. He arranged his materials into dozens of oversize notebooks which were divided into topics and subtopics.

JFK Newspapers

This collection features newspapers from collections received from Jack Hightower, Penn Jones and Bob Poage. Each man collected numerous issues of major American newspapers in the days immediately surrounding Kennedy's murder in Dallas. They are presented here as a curated collection focused on newspaper accounts of the crisis as it unfolded.

JFK Selections

A collection of materials related to the life and legacy of U.S. President John F. Kennedy. Items in this collection vary in scope and origin and range from teletypes of the coverage of Kennedy's assassination on November 22, 1963 to documents related to the event's subsequent investigations. A copy of a newspaper collected by Jack Hightower on the day of Kennedy's inauguration is also included.

Jack White Collection

The materials in this collection include slides and photographs from White's personal collection. The slide carousels contain images - and, in some cases, scripts - of presentations White gave to various audiences on his work analyzing photographs of the assassination and its major players. Additional slides that contain sensitive material (such as photographs taken during postmortems for both President Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald as well as stills from the Zapruder Film) have been omitted from this digital archive.

Political Campaign and Propaganda Materials

Ben Guttery Campaign Materials

Ben Guttery, originally from Austin, has collected Texas political items since his youth. He has a Master's Degree in Urban Planning from Texas A&M University and a Bachelor's Degree in Geography from Southwest Texas State University. He has written two books: Encyclopedia of African Airlines (McFarland, 1998) and Representing Texas: A Comprehensive History of the United States and Confederate Senators and Representatives from Texas. He is married with children and lives in Fort Worth.

Iraqi Propaganda Posters

These Iraqi and American propaganda materials were collected by Jeffrey Ward during a tour of duty while serving in Iraq. Imagery of Iraqi cleric Moqtada al-Sadr and former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein are prominent in this collection. A striking visual amidst the scenes of propaganda and smiling authoritarians is a 2004 calendar featuring an image of a young girl. The posters have been translated by Mark Long, Baylor professor of Middle Eastern studies.

Bob Platt Campaign Materials

Dr. Robert "Bob" Platt was born on June 10, 1928 in Utica, New York. He began collecting buttons from 1936 when his grandfather gave him an “Al Landon” for President Button. Since then he has pursued his hobby of collecting books and political memorabilia.

Portraits Collection

The art of portrait painting is represented in this collection of materials held by various institutions at Baylor University. Included are portraits of Baylor's presidents - and three first ladies - as well as United States presidents, senators and businessmen. The images in this collection were enhanced slightly from the original scans to create richer access copies.

Texas Military Collection

Dating back to the days of early statehood, Texas has played an important role in the military history of the United States. From hosting World War I and World War II-era military installations to the countless ranks of fighting men she has contributed to our nation’s pursuit of a secure future, Texas has a proud military history. This collection features materials related to that history, with an emphasis on publications created at various military installations located in the state. Also included are a number of press releases issued by Baylor University regarding Baylor students involved in the armed forces during World War II.

The Great War: World War I Exhibit

This exhibition was curated, digitized and enhanced by the students of Museum Studies 5327: Technology and Outreach in Museums as a means of investigating the war's impact on three major elements of American life: its impact on religion, popular culture in the form of sheet music, and the direct impact on the city of Waco, Texas via the United States military's presence there from 1917-1918.

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